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We help you overcome your dental anxiety with relaxation dentistry

At Tecumseh Ridge Dental of Norman, we want every patient to have a comfortable experience getting the care they need. For this reason, we employ several strategies to help our patients overcome their dental anxiety.

There are a lot of people out there who experience dental anxiety. Sometimes, even the mere thought of visiting the dentist can lead to feelings of panic or avoidance. For some dental anxiety stems from bad experiences in the past, fear of giving up control, or fear of physical pain.

We’ll readily admit that dental appointments can be difficult. It goes against human instincts to let somebody touch your sensitive mouth with strange tools. So understandably, some people simply have a harder time ignoring those instincts. Dr. Wheatley caters to nervous and anxious patients with his calm, friendly approach offering a broad range of relaxation options.

Dental Anxiety? It’s time for us to meet.

No matter what form your dental anxiety takes, Dr. Wheatley will sit down with you and discuss your concerns prior to treatment. Just let our receptionist know that you are experiencing anxiety before your treatment, and we will help you feel confident that this appointment will be different from your experiences in the past.

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Dental anxiety is real

It’s so real, in fact, that an estimated  9 to 15% of Americans avoid seeing the dentist because of anxiety and fear. 

Some of the symptoms of dental phobia or anxiety may feel familiar to you:

  • You avoid going to the dentist
  • Feeling so nervous prior to the exam that you can’t focus or sleep prior to the exam.
  • You get increasingly nervous while you’re in the waiting room and consider just making a run for it.
  • You get very emotional or have trouble breathing once you sit in the chair and see the instruments.
  • You can’t “rationalize” or “cope” with the above symptoms, no matter how hard you try.

Talk to us about your fears and make sure we understand what your concerns are. We are taking your fears seriously. As long as you trust your dentist, your fear will decrease. You need patience, trustworthiness, and competence – and Dr. Wheatley brings just that to his treatment approach. We will do everything we can for our patients to feel less fear and as comfortable as possible.

From taking time with our patients during our initial meeting to administering nitrous oxide (laughing) gas to help you relax to more involved solutions to ease your stress, we help dental patients avoid sensitivity and mental distress during appointments. The gas is administered with oxygen, through a nose mask, to induce analgesic (painkilling) and dissociative effects. When the nose mask is removed, the laughing gas will have already been cleared of your system and patients can even drive themselves home.

Oral sedation available

Oral sedation comes in the form of a pill, which means patients can take the medication before the appointment. This helps patients feel more comfortable both prior to and during dental treatments. The medications used in oral sedation are the same types of anti-anxiety drugs frequently prescribed to nervous flyers and people who experience panic attacks, so you can guarantee they will have a notable impact.

For our patients with severe anxiety, oral sedation paired with nitrous oxide gas can create a more profoundly calming experience. This approach may work so well that some patients fall asleep naturally during their treatment.

Should it become necessary, we work with a certified anesthesiologist who can provide IV sedation in our dental office so that you can be completely sedated. 

A comfortable office experience

It’s not just medical intervention that can make a difference. We have put a lot of thought into creating an inviting environment for our patients. Our office has a policy to assure that there will not be a long wait, and we are set up to be very family friendly from Mojo, our stuffed monkey who helps put kids at ease, to a spacious relaxing waiting room with TV, beverages and even a fish tank. Our operatories are bright and inviting and we have a separate surgical unit to offer privacy if needed. Dr. Andrew Wheatley offers family-friendly, comprehensive dental care in Norman, keeping patients at ease with his relaxed approach. So schedule an appointment for the whole family today! Located just off I-35 on Tecumseh Road in West Norman we are easy to reach from just about anywhere in Norman or the Oklahoma City metro area. 

Schedule your consultation today and put an end to dental anxiety. Call us at (405) 857-6453 or contact us and we will get you in quickly.

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